• 92nd Annual Meeting, Southern Economic Association (scheduled).

  • Annual Conference, Economic History Association (scheduled).

  • Biennial Conference, European Historical Economics Society (scheduled).

  • Scotland and Northern England Workshop in Applied Microeconomics (scheduled).

  • Annual Conference, Economic History Society (scheduled).

  • Macrohistory and Macrofinance Seminar, University of Bonn.

  • 2022 Annual Meeting, Allied Social Science Association.


  • 91st Annual Meeting, Southern Economic Association.

  • 96th Annual Conference, Western Economic Association International.  

  • 17th Annual Migration Meeting, IZA Institute of Labor Economics.

  • 55th Annual Conference, Canadian Economic Association.

  • Annual Conference, Economic History Society.

  • Applied Microeconomics Seminar, University of St Andrews.


  • Annual Workshop in Economics, Adam Smith Panmure House (Keynote speaker). 

  • Annual Virtual Conference, Economic History Association

  • Junior Migration Webinar, Paris School of Economics.

  • Applied Young Economist Webinar, Monash University

  • Research Workshop in Historical Economics, Bureau d'Economie Théorique et Appliquée.*

* Canceled due to the COVID-19 epidemic.


  • Postdoctoral Research Seminar, Department of Economics, University of Oxford.

  • Research Seminar, School of Economics, University of Nottingham.

  • 94th Annual Conference, Western Economic Association International.     

  • Annual Conference, Cliometric Society

  • Labor in History & Economics Conference, University of Oxford

  • Annual Conference, Economic History Society.



  • Economic and Social History Graduate Seminar, University of Oxford

  • Economic History Graduate Seminar, London School of Economics

  • Annual Conference, Economic History Association.

  • Research Seminar, World Institute for Development Economics Research.

  • World Economic History Congress, MIT.

  • International Conference, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management

  • Research Seminar, Bank of Mexico.

  • Annual Conference, Economic History Society