Working Papers

1. Migrant Self-Selection and Random Shocks: Evidence from the Panic of 1907

with Moramay López-Alonso.

Conditionally accepted at The Journal of Economic History

Media coverage: Nada es Gratis

2. Initial determinants of Mexican mass migration

New Researcher Poster Prize 2018, Economic History Society.

Poster Prize 2018, World Economic History Congress.

3. Can social pensions reduce poverty? Evidence from Mexico

with Clemente Ávila-Parra and Oscar Gálvez-Soriano

Revisions requested at Economic Inquiry


1. Life after crossing the border: Assimilation during the first Mexican mass migration

with Ed Kosack and Zach Ward.

Explorations in Economic History (2021). Vol. 82, 101403.

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2. Revisiting Mexican migration in the Age of Mass Migration: New evidence from individual border crossings

Historical Methods (2020). Vol. 53, No. 4, 207-225.

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Other Publications

1. Revolution in development: Mexico and the governance of the global economy 

Economic History Review (2021). Vol. 74, Issue 3, 864-65. Book Review.

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2. Cliometric Essays on Mexican migration to the United States

Ph.D. Thesis, London School of Economics and Political Science, January 2020.

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3. La pobreza rural en México. Perspectivas de política pública*

with Ricardo Aparicio and Nayeli Salgado

In El agro y las áreas rurales en el México del siglo XXI, UNAM, 2014. Available in Spanish only.

Pre-Ph.D. publication.